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Members of the Province of Northamptonshire and Huntingdonshire are delighted to be taking part in the Mark Benevolent Fund 2017 Charity Walk on Saturday 6th May. The walk follows “The Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Walk” around the Royal Parks in London, full details of which are available elsewhere on the site.

2014 PrGMI am sure our volunteers will do us proud but they do need your support.

I’m sure they will be pleased to have the company and encouragement of anyone else able to join them to soak up the atmosphere on what will hopefully be a fine day in London.

As always it is a great pleasure to support the Mark Benevolent Fund and we look forward to bringing a little part of our very small Province to the Capital.

Members are asked to support our team through the preferred method of donating money on this website (just click on the “Donate” button) or by sponsoring the team through your lodge.

Donations can count towards your own and your Lodge’s MBF honorifics.

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WBro Keith Baines

WBro Keith Baines, PAGDC, PPrGJW member of Croyland Lodge No594

Marcus Dickens

WBro Marcus Dickens, PPrGSD, member of Croyland Lodge No.594


Bro Stephen Henley, member of The Graftonian Lodge No.1243

Bro Mo Moussi

Bro Mo Moussi, recently Advanced member of St.Ivo Lodge No.607

WBro Simon Harker

Bro. Simon Harker, member of Ferrers Lodge No.1341



Mark Province of Northamptonshire & Huntingdonshire