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“Brethren I am pleased to announce that our Province will be taking part in a unique event in 2017.  The MBF has asked all Provinces to field a team to take part in the "MBF Mark Charity Walk" which will take place in London, on May 6th.2015
The event follows the route of the "The Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Walk" covering seven miles, through four Royal Parks and is the first time such a joint, one day event, has been attempted by the MBF.

derek thomas provincial grand masterThe team chosen to represent our Province consists of our  DPGM V.W.Bro David Powell, PGSO  (Cubestone 731) who has also offered to complete the course on unicycle. The Prov.G Sec, Phil Sefton PAGDC  (Wentloog 1586) and the ProvGMO , Terry Sefton (Ashlar 185) brothers raised as children in the Riverview Club, Newport rendering them supremely qualified as an advance guard in identifying suitable watering holes on route.. In addition, our liaison to the MBF Walk and 4th member  will be W.Bro Tim Huckle ProvGInspWks (Torfaen 796) an intrepid boulevardier with impeccable style credentials. His job is to ensure that there are no accidental fashion faux pas on our part whilst  abroad in the big city. The DPGM has been advised not to take his  Wellington boots and avoid corduroy at all cost.

Your Provincial Walk Team will be out and about spreading the word and explaining how you can best support them and your Province.  I am sure you will do your best, as always.

Derek Thomas PGM”





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david powell deputy provincial grand master

VW Bro David Powell DPGM

philip sefton provincial grand secretary

W Bro Phil Sefton Prov G Sec

Terrt Sefton

W Bro Terry Sefton Prov Master Overseer


W Bro Tim Huckle PPGInspWks

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