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PGM1The Mark Benevolent Fund is dedicated to bringing relief and support quickly to Mark Masons, their families, and others who for nearly one hundred and fifty years have received aid from this wonderful charity. Now the Province of Lincolnshire is delighted to show its support by fielding a team to take part in the MBF Charity Walk in London on 6th. May.

The walk will follow the Diana Princess ofWales MemorialWalk covering seven miles through four Royal Parks. It is the first time the MBF has organised a national fund raising event of this kind.

I am very grateful toW. Bro. Ron Harrison for agreeing to organise and lead the team of five walkers from Lincolnshire on my behalf. This event provides a wonderful opportunity for us to raise funds for the MBF and so help others. The full details of how to do this are available on the web site.

I am certain Lincolnshire will rise to the challenge and you will support this venture by sponsoring theWalk Team and by clicking the “Donate” icon on the web page. Your donation can be credited towards a personal MBF honorific and to our 2018 Lincolnshire Festival.

Good luck to the Team!




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WB Ron Harrison PGJD.

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WB. Philip Anyan G.Stwd

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WB. David Wheeler, P Prov GSW, Chairman of Lincs 2018 MBF Festival Committee.

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WB.Bro Bruce Goodman Prov G Insp Wks.


WB. Stephen Roberts, PAG SwdB, Dep. Prov.G Sec



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